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LOVE (with Dafne)

The concert of Vikingur Ólafsson at KKL in Lucerne: You can’t describe music in words, you can only describe your thoughts while you were listening to the music. Tonight I thought that the shoe that was bothering me was not that annoying after all; I thought that sitting upright perfectly still watching a guy playing on a piano for two hours was the most natural thing I could be doing at that moment; I thought that nowadays we have tons of devices we can play music on, but that being at a concert is an experience that no device will ever be able to imitate, not even closely; I thought that I actually do not know anything about Bach or Beethoven, but that it didn’t matter at that moment because my body was somehow responding in the right way; I thought about myself while listening and about the way I feel towards the people who are important to me; I thought of hands I would like to hold and of things that aren’t finished. I was in the concert hall and I was very far away; I was among people and I was deep inside myself. And all the time this guy was playing and I was him and he was me.

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